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Loch Ness & InvernessLoch Ness Scotland
The name Loch Ness is associated with one thing around the world - a monster! Although the monster business is a big part of Loch Ness there's a lot more to the area than Nessie-spotting. This article takes you to Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland and its surrounding villages and towns.

There are many hotels on our site to choose from in this area for tourists who wish to visit this world famous loch and the beautiful part of the world it is located in.

Loch Ness - Location
Loch Ness is a deep natural lake (loch in Scotland) located in the Great Glen, a natural valley and fault line stretching from Inverness to Fort William in the Highlands of Scotland. Surrounded by high hills and some of the most picturesque landscapes in Scotland, Loch Ness is the most popular visitor attraction is the Scottish Highlands. The loch is around twenty-four miles long and one mile wide and is linked from Inverness to Fort William by two other lochs and the Caledonian Canal. If you look at the steep valley sides its easy to project how deep Loch Ness is, and in fact it contains more water than all the lakes in England put together. It is second in size to Loch Lomond but is much deeper and that fact has helped perpetuate one of the world's great mysteries - the Loch Ness Monster.

The Loch Ness MonsterLoch Ness Monster Photo
People have been seeing a monster in Loch Ness since the times of St. Columba in 630 A.D. For hundreds of years it was something that people were afraid of, a tale to be told around the fire and something that most people believed had a basis or factual explanation. Today it is the foundation of a profitable tourist industry and numerous sightings of the Loch Ness monster, affectionately known by locals as "Nessie", throughout the ages have perpetuated the idea that there really might be a monster in Loch Ness. What it could be is up for debate.

Some say a sturgeon, some a giant eel, some suggest a prehistoric survivor resembling a dinosaur. The Loch Ness monster has been seen by locals, a minister, a policeman and many others in the 20th Century. There is only one real way to get to the bottom of this mystery, and that is visit Loch Ness in Scotland and try to spot the monster for yourself!

Loch Ness - Surrounding Villages
The Great Glen is beautiful and is dotted with lovely villages and hamlets, Such as Drumnadrochit, the centre of all monster activity and a great place for tourists, only 8 miles from Inverness. Fort Augustus is also very popular with tourists as the Caledonian Canal runs through the village and you are able to have lunch on the side of the canal and watch any boats that may be there pass through the locks. It has a few friendly pubs and a former monastery and one of the best views of Loch Ness, indeed one of the finest views in the world. A highly recommended route for normal cars (as it is single track road) is the small road running along Loch Ness on the south side. If you have time this is a lovely route and gives an alternative view of Loch Ness and beautiful views of Urquhart Castle which sits on the shore of Loch Ness.

Inverness ScotlandInverness Scotland
Inverness is the capital city of the Highlands of Scotland. Although it has under 100,000 people it was appointed a millennium city in the year 2000 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Inverness sits on the banks of the river Ness which flows out from Loch Ness and is located right in the centre of the Scottish Highlands. If you intend to have a short break in the Highlands of Scotland why not stay in Inverness and use it as a base to explore the wider highlands?

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