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Wick is a Scottish Highland town that dates back to the Norwegian times. Situated far north, it is a relatively remote settlement that is unlikely to be as laden with tourists as other Scottish towns.


Wick’s main attractions are the Heritage Museum, which hosts local history exhibitions; and the Wick Carnegie Library, which contains historic books and documents from the area. The library is at once a museum, a general library, the official North Highland archive and an art gallery, what with the St. Fergus exhibitions being permanently housed on the premises. The Old Pulteney Distillery is an aging malt whisky distillery that is also worth a visit.

Just south of Wick is the Castle of Old Wick, otherwise known as the Old Man of Wick. It is a medieval fortress that overlooks the North Sea from the edge of a cliff. Only a severely ruined tower remains, but the trip is worthwhile for the gorgeous scenery just as much as it is for the ruins themselves.

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