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Thurso is the second largest port in Scotland, as well as the northern-most town in Scotland and, by extension, the UK.


Facing the Faroe Islands as it is from its position on the northern Scottish coast, it is an important stop for those who look to travel to Iceland, the Orkney Islands, the Faroe Islands or Norway by ferry. It could, however, be just as valid a tourist spot on its own.

The sights of Thurso proper are limited to the small local museum and the ruins of St. Peter’s Church, which features a window cut from a single block of stone. Suffice it to say that nature is the greater attraction here. The northern coastline, for one, is ruggedly beautiful and excellently suited to surfing. Alternatively go for the more tamed nature of the Castle and Gardens of Mey, which still serves as a royal residence from time to time.

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