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Stornoway is the largest town in the Scottish Hebrides. Because of this, it is just as much a major administrative, retail and educational centre and transport hub of the region as it is the most likely destination for tourists to first arrive in the Hebrides at, whether they come by flight or by ferry.


While many of these travellers just pass through on the way to other parts of the islands, most of them take some time to sample the local sights first. Historical remnants in Stornoway are limited to the Stornoway Town Hall, the Lewis War Memorial and the Lews Castle, all of which are in good conditions. However only the former is still in use, serving as an all-purpose building for exhibitions, performances and the like.

Local culture is better experienced at either an Lanntair, which is an arts centre that features both gallery and auditoriums; or the local museum, which exhibits local history and the like.

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