Stirling Hotels

Stirling is the smallest city of Scotland, but as the former Scottish Capital, it is a site with a great deal of historical significance.



Indeed, the city itself is practically centred on the huge medieval fortress that is Stirling Castle. Leading up to the crag upon which this fortress is situated is the medieval old town, which is a popular tourist spot for its cobblestoned streets and well-preserved architecture. Most notable here are the structures Argyll’s lodgings and the Old Town Jail, the former being the most intact Scottish 17th-century townhouse in the world and the latter now a gallery dedicated to social history.

More history can be absorbed at Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn Bridge. Both were sites of battles were the Scottish came out victorious during the wars for Scottish independence. The sites of the battles are marked by monuments that honour the leaders (William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, respectively) who led the Scots against the British.