Hotels in The Scottish Borders

Scottish Borders is a largely rural area in south-east Scotland. Encompassing neither cities nor major towns, it is largely inaccessible for its complete lack of air and railroad links.


This remoteness tends to be off-putting for tourists, but those who manage to get there generally find the area well worth the trouble. As Scottish Borders makes up part of the Anglo-Scottish border, there are multiple castles – former strongholds that guarded against invasion for both countries - in various states of preservation littered throughout the area. Duns Castle, Floors Castle, Hermitage Castle, Thirlestane Castle and Wedderburn Castle and Smailholm Tower are all options for the historically inclined, as are the Waterloo monument, the Scots’ Dike and various abbeys and great houses in the district.

Although the nature of Scottish Borders hardly rivals the spectacular Highlands, there are a couple of features that ought to be checked out. Ettrick forest, Mire Loch and the cliffy coastline at and beyond the Eyemouth are the most interesting sights in this department.

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