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Although once upon a time Perth was the unofficial capital of Scotland, it is now a former industrial city gone retail and administrative centre. However traces of the town’s grander past still remain.


St. John’s Kirk, for instance, is a church that dates back to the middle of the 12th century, although most of the current structure was erected in the 15th century as part of a restoration project. This church houses a number of fine relics of medieval days, including bells and church decorations. St. Paul’s Church is another noteworthy religious structure in town, whereas the Upper Mills, the Lower Mills and the Old Perth Waterworks are remnants of Perth’s more recent industrial heritage. The latter of these is now a gallery dedicated to Scottish artist J.D. Fergusson.

The Perth countryside is well worth a visit, but for those who prefer nature within the town limits, the massive Northern and Southern Inch parks are the places to go. Not only do these offer convenient peace and quiet, but the Southern Inch Park also hosts a number of recreational outdoors activities.

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