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While Paisley is primarily famed for the Paisley Shawl and the Paisley Pattern, it is not its history as a weaving centre that attracts tourists to this Scottish lowland town.


Rather it is the many churches of Paisley that draws them here, of which the Paisley Abbey is the most notable by far. The original Norman-styled structure, which served as the burial place of many a Scottish king, was erected in the 12th century, though since then it has been repaired and reconstructed many times over. The Paisley Abbey aside, the Coats Memorial Baptist Church and St. Matthew’s Church both date back about a hundred years and are notable examples of their particular architectural styles.

Old-fashioned architecture can also be seen in the many residential areas around the city centre. Castlehead to the south-west, for one, features plenty of Victorian Villas, whereas Thornly Park to the south contains a great variation of different styles.

For the less religious or architecturally minded, the Paisley Arts Centre and Paisley Museum and Art Gallery host exhibitions of local art and history.

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