Hotels near Inverness Airport

Inverness Airport is the main air travel hub of the Scottish islands and highlands. It sees a lot of tourist and business traffic alike, for which there is a wide range of support services located in its immediate vicinity.


In particular there are plenty of hotels to choose from, of which the following three are but examples of their respective price classes: Culloden House Hotel is where to go if you want luxurious comforts. This four star hotel, located within four miles of the airport, offers rooms that start at 100 pounds per night.

Smithton Hotel is a good mid-range choice that is five miles from the airport, or halfway between the airport and the city centre. The service is good for the prices, which start at 45 pounds a night.

Rowanvale Guesthouse, at four miles from the airport, is the closest budget accommodation you will find. While it amounts to little more than shelter for the night, the lowest price of 25 pounds a night reflects the level of service.

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