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The infamous battleground at which William Wallace – and the lesser known Hawley, here bested by Bonnie Prince Charlie - met defeat contains more to be seen than just the site of the battle itself.


The remnants of the Antonine wall, for one, may be seen in Callendar Park. A leftover from Roman times, it is the smaller cousin of Hadrian’s Wall that marked the northern Roman frontier around 140 AD.

A more recent piece of history is the Falkirk Steeple, which both dominates the Falkirk skyline and serves as an informal centre of the city. Although the current structure was built in 1814, it is known to have been preceded by similar structures in the past. Consequentially the Steeple is now widely regarded as a symbol of Falkirk, appearing among other things on the crest of the Falkirk Football Club.

Far more famous than both of the above sites is the so-called Falkirk wheel, which is the only rotary canal in the world. Built around the millennium, it has since both been a notable landmark and a major tourist attraction of the city.

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