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Although hardly notable for its size, there are a couple of reasons why Elgin attracts a reasonable number of tourists yearly.


The most obvious Elgin sight is the Elgin Cathedral, which, although ruined, is preserved and restored to a point where it is possible to discern the size of the original building. Climb to the top of one of the towers for a great view, or stroll around the graveyard and check out the adjacent Biblical gardens. If you prefer more recent history, the Moray Motor Museum might be more to your taste. It houses an odd forty or so classic cars and motorbikes, all in good condition, and knowledgeable staff that are likely to be able to answer questions you might have about the vehicles.

The Red Lantern Gallery, finally, is the place to go for art exhibitions. While it is hardly a rival to any bigger city gallery, it tends to feature displays of local art.

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