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Dundee is Scotland’s 4th largest city, roughly 90 minutes north of Edinburgh. Whether you are visiting the 'City of Discovery' on buisness or please you are sure to find accommodation to suit your budget among the large choice of Dundee hotels provided here.

Dundee is an eclectic city, famous for jute processing; the last textile factory only shut its doors in 2001. Dundee is the birthplace of marmalade, and is known for its excellent jam and sweets. Dundee is also the home of the famous Beano and Dandy comics. You’ll find Dundee to be a city proud of its unique identity and local populace, who are friendly and inviting.

Most of hotels in Dundee are in the city centre. The Dundee Hilton on Earl Gray Place is a popular choice for businessmen visiting the city, with a gym, pool and sauna. The Landmark Dundee is one of the city’s most famous hotels, with its own grounds in Invergowrie it has recently undergone an internal modernization so could be a good place to find some excellent leisure facilities in a traditional setting. If you’d prefer to stay in a Dundee hotel nearer to the City's Quay, The Apex City Quay Hotel and Spa is at West Victoria Dock Road, and offers some superb river and quay views.

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